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Neptune Pendant – Recycled Sterling Silver

Neptune Pendant – Recycled Sterling Silver

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The Neptune Pendant necklace in recycled 925 sterling silver is a small oval pendant that depicts a picture of the sea god Neptune. Worshipped as the god of both fresh and salt water, he rides through the seas on his shell chariot. He holds his trident which is a representation of mind, body and spirit. The pendant hangs of a thin balled chain.

These earrings have been crafted by artisans using closed loop production processes. All sterling silver used is recycled and our manufacturing process is certified to meet global ethical standards. To ensure the highest quality our pieces are handmade in small batches.

The necklace is made from recycled 925 sterling silver.

This necklace has a 41cm long chain and comes with a 5cm extension. It will hang approximately 9cm below the neckline. The pendant has a height of 2cm and a width of 1.5cm. The necklace weighs 8 grams.

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