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Room Spray

Room Spray

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Refresh your room and your senses with a spritz of Room Spray.

Tangier Room Spray scent is neroli blossoms that have fallen underfoot. White Jasmine entangles tuberose with an offering of citrus peel, cumin, and nutmeg.
Notes: Neroli, White Jasmin, Nutmeg and Tuberose

Istanbul Room Spray draws you down laneways perfumed with warm spices clove, sandalwood and cardamon.  Enliven your senses at every turn with this evocative scent.
Notes: Clove, sandalwood and cardamon.

Room Spray scent of Olive Leaf & Thyme transport your senses... balmy evenings spent in secret destinations where the perfumed air is aromatic and full of promise.
Notes: Olive Leaf and Thyme


Anatolia Room Spray scent is a grove of slow and sweet evenings. Bergamot and grapefruit guide you to gently push past a fig leaf and breathe in rosewood. Balsam and amber beckon in the distance.
Notes: Fig Leaf, Bergamont, Rosewood

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