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Velvet Cushion

Velvet Cushion

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These beautiful cushions are made from a soft cotton velvet fabric on the front and a quality linen blend fabric on the reverse side. This plain coloured cushion is filled with a plush Cloudlux fill, which has been designed as a faux-feather option. Cloudlux has the ability to fluff up and be chopped when styling a room, but without the less desirable features that feather fills can have. They are not made from animal products, they are less inclined to get to flat over time, they are washable and they will not cause the allergies that some feather products can. The Cloudlux inserts are filled with light memory foam chips, that make our classic velvet cushions look and feel super comfy.

Composition: Cotton/Linen/Viscose. Crumbed Foam Fill

Size Information:

Square: 50 x 50cm
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